Lower Secondary

All-in-One ‘Eureka!’ Program

Let your child experience mini-‘Eureka!’ moments with our full suite of services!

Here are all the services we provide when you enrol with us:

Online Zoom Lessons for Lower Secondary Students

Our lessons will be held live on Zoom. Your child can ask questions during or after class.

Notes and worksheets will all be available for download before lessons. Completed assignments will be emailed to us for marking and review (within 3-5 working days).

If your child misses the lesson, you can just watch the lesson replays or make up at another timeslot within the week.

What Your Child Needs:

– Stable Internet Connection
– PC, Desktop, Tablet or Phone.
– Stationery and Foolscap Paper

24/7 Homework Helper Service & Unlimited Marking!*

Once you enrol for our online classes at Grade Solution Learning Centre, you can contact our homework helper using Whatsapp to ask us any homework-related questions! (We will reply you within 1 day.)  You can also send in your own revision papers and essays to us.  Our Marking Team will mark and get back to you within 3-5 working days.  We provide these services because we understand that live weekly lessons are MORE effective with 24/7 support and unlimited marking!

 Lower Secondary English

For S1/S2 English, students will be taught the fundamentals, as well as advanced methods, for Personal Recount, Discursive, and Hybrid Essay Writing types.  There will be monthly practices for Situational Writing, Visual Text, Comprehension Open-ended. We will also be covering all the must-know grammar rules so that your child builds a solid foundation for English in lower secondary.  We believe a strong grammar foundation is necessary for further improvements not just in the near term, but for upper secondary as well.

Lower Secondary Math

Lower secondary math education is a critical stage in a student’s mathematical journey as it lays the foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills at higher levels. In our Sec 1/2 Math classes, a strong emphasis is placed on key mathematical topics, such as Algebra, Graphs, Congruency and Similarity, and Trigonometry. Many students struggle with these topics because they lack exposure in Primary Schools. We will gradually build up your child’s foundations, ensure your child has a complete understanding of Math concepts, and becomes proficient in solving common exam questions.

Lower Secondary Science

Navigating science exams can be challenging for many students, especially when it comes to applying scientific concepts to answer questions effectively. Often, responses may lack clarity, making it difficult for examiners to grasp the intended explanations. At Grade Solution, we prioritise a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts and effective answering techniques. Our tailored approach ensures that your child comprehends the specific demands of each question, thereby enabling them to tackle science assessments with confidence and precision.



Fees per Subject for Lower Secondary: $179/month

(*Price shown is inclusive of 9% GST.)

No Deposit and Registration Fees Required!


Limited Spaces Available!

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Our Teachers

Ms Elaine Wee

Math and Science Specialist

Ms Samantha Tay

English and Creative Writing Specialist

Ms Dian

Math Specialist

Ms Jan

English and Creative Writing Specialist

Ms Pepper Lee

English and Creative Writing Specialist
NIE Trained

Ms Phyllis

Science Specialist

NIE Trained

Dianah Yip

English and Creative Writing Specialist

NIE trained

Mr Andy Ling

Science Specialist
Founder of Scienceshifu.com

Ms Rina Leong

Math Specialist

Mr Tan Kok Heng

Math Specialist

NIE trained

Amanda Cheang

Math Specialist

Ms Arwa

English and Creative Writing Specialist

Ms Joanne

English Specialist

Dr Marcus Goh

Science Specialist

Jimmy Ling Picture

Mr Jimmy Ling

Math Specialist
Founder of JimmyMaths.com

Mr Jerry Lee

English and Creative Writing Specialist
Founder of WritingSamurai.com

What Others Have to Say

 My child has done well for Sec 2. She scored overall A1 for both E-Math & Science & B3 for English. My child’s school is a center of Excellence for teaching English & English Literature hence the marking is strict, mentioned by her teacher. However, I like to thank MR Andy (SC), MS Jan (EL) & MS Amanda (MA) for their constant encouragement, dedication and guidance 👍👍😁. My child is able to get into the stream of her choice for S3. Continued with Sec 3 zoom classes at GS.

Raymond, Parent

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I have one thing to say (haha): Grade solution is awesome!!
My math grades went from AL5 to AL3 and my English grades went from AL3 to AL1!!
The lessons are really interesting so everyone in class is engaged by the funny jokes, Kahoots, while learning math English or science taught by the awesome Teachers!! You won’t regret it, I promise 😀

Now in sec 1, I have continued learning with grade solution and every week I’m still learning a lot! I strongly recommend this tuition centre because of the many ways you can learn (eg on the websites, through zoom classes and even in person classes)

Kathleen, Student

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Good morning Mr Jimmy! I got my results back… and got a 77/100 for math!!

You’ve really helped me improve from barely 33% to an A1.

Thank you so much!

Lera, Student

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Sent my kid to many tuition centres before and luckily we managed to find Grade Solution!  The notes are comprehensive, there are no registration fees or deposits and the online lessons are very interactive.  Being able to do make up lessons easily and catch up on lesson replays is also very helpful.  My son improved from a B4 to an A2 for Science, maintained his grades for Math and English.  Strongly recommend to parents seeking online tuition for their kids!

Mrs Choo , Parent

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Fees per Subject for Lower Secondary: $179/month

(*Price shown is inclusive of 9% GST.)

No Deposit and Registration Fees Required!

Limited Spaces Available!

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Register for a Free Trial Class PLUS Consultation (worth $120) to experience the way we teach!

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1. How do I pay the fees?

Fees are auto-charged monthly via credit card. The renewal date is the 23rd of each month.

Fees are fixed monthly regardless of the number of lessons in a month. There are no discounts for taking multiple subjects or siblings’ discounts.

If a lesson falls on a public holiday, there will not be any lesson but the materials will be provided.

2. How do I cancel the subscription?

You can log in to our Parent Portal to cancel your subscription anytime. Your credit card will not be charged anymore after you cancelled.

There will not be any refunds for fees paid after the renewal date (23rd of each month).

3. If we miss the lessons, can we do a make-up or watch the recording? Are the Zoom lessons recorded?

Yes, all the Zoom lessons are recorded and you will have access to the recordings.

If you miss a lesson, you can do a make-up within the same weekend (E.g – miss on Friday, make up on Saturday).

You will have access to the Zoom links of all the other classes for make up lessons once you sign up.

If you can’t attend any of the classes, you can still watch the recordings.

Fees will not be prorated.

4. What is your class size?

We can accept up to 50+ students per class in our online lessons.

5. Your class is huge! How can you teach such a big class?

Our classes are big because our teaching methods are popular and effective.

The results from our past students have proven that the class size has little impact on the results.

In fact, students in our bigger classes outperformed students in our smaller classes.

It is the teacher’s ability and quality of the materials which matter.

6. How are these live online Zoom classes different from Writing Samurai, Jimmy Maths and Science Shifu's online courses?

The Grade Solution lessons are LIVE while the online courses at Writing Samurai, Jimmy Maths, and Shifu are pre-recorded. In our live classes, your child can ask the tutor questions and have them clarified on the spot. The content of the live classes and the pre-recorded courses are largely the same.

7. How do I register for the classes?

Click Here to Enrol Online >> https://gradesolutionportal.com/ParentPortal/Default.aspx

Choose the subject(s) and click register.

If your child is new to our centre, you will need to create a new account.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “forget password” to reset your password.

8. Do you offer a free trial?

Sorry, we don’t offer a free trial for lower secondary classes because your child needs more than 1 lesson to get used to the teaching methods.

9. I do not have a credit card. Can I choose to pay the fees monthly instead of auto-charged via credit card?

Sorry, for online lessons, fees are collected online via credit card and auto charged. This is to make sure parents can access the Zoom links and worksheets in the Parent Portal before the start of the lessons. You can also cancel the auto-charge anytime if you do not wish to continue the lessons.

10. Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, but only for the first lesson as our spaces are very limited.

Scroll back to to click on the ‘Claim Your Free Trial Now’ button to register for our Free Trial Class PLUS Consultation.