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Most students struggle with maths.

Some even develop maths anxiety – which causes sweating, trembling, and even increased heart rate before maths classes! And it’s getting even worse before O Levels…

Here’s why maths is a nightmare for many students:

They don’t understand maths concepts. Instead, most students MEMORISE them. As soon as they start learning more complex concepts - they can’t keep up with the classes...and they start dreading maths classes!

Some students struggle to visualise problems. They read the question… but they don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

Outdated teaching methods. Some teachers don’t know how to teach maths. That’s why kids often do NOT progress as fast as they could!

Lack of targeted practice. Targeted practice is CRUCIAL for students to grasp complex concepts and cement their knowledge. However, most students still go through years-old papers and get materials from WhatsApp groups.

Bottom line… Students lose confidence and develop anxiety!

The key in maths is understanding basic concepts so students can build a sturdy foundation!

Students who memorise maths tend to develop gaps in understanding maths concepts

These gaps increase as they move to more complex concepts – and that’s when they get desperate!

Introducing the KCA™ system:

The fully-personalised, basic-to-advance approach for learning maths

The most effective way to learn maths is through understanding maths concepts. That’s why we developed the Keyword – Concept – Apply (KCA) system.

Finding the right KEYWORDS

Most students struggle to visualise maths questions and state the problem they need to solve. That’s a pretty common issue.

That’s why we use KEYWORDS. Once kids discover how to look for keywords – they will understand what they need to do right away!

Linking keywords to the CONCEPT

When students spot the right keywords, they learn how to link the keyword to the right concept.

One of the reasons students score lower grades is because they apply the wrong maths concept

However…Linking keywords to concepts eliminates confusion and helps students apply the right concept.

APPLYING the concept

Now that they understand what’s the problem and what concept to use – the last part is easy peasy.

They just use the right formula and find the correct answer.

The KCA™ system is a revolution in learning maths!

The first class is FREE. No commitment. *Class will be held Online on Zoom


We’ve helped 847+ students to get ahead in maths classes and score better grades

Here’s are snippets of the actual classes…

What Others Have to Say

Thank you Mr Tan for patiently guiding me in A maths. My WA 1 result was 10/25 before I joined his class. After joining his class, I have slowly improved and my result was 15/25 for WA2. Recently after lots of practice in Mr Tan’s class, I finally got an A1, 23/25 for A maths for my WA3 last week. I strongly recommend everyone to join Mr Tan’s A maths class or E maths class. He is very patient & helpful in guiding weak students like me.

陈毅轩 CYK, Student

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Throughout my primary school and secondary school years, I barely passed my maths and never scored more than a C for English.  But since I joined Grade Solution, thanks to the dedicated teachers, I started improving slowly but surely.  In the end, I got B3 for both subjects at O-levels, something which I never thought I would achieve!  Thank you Grade Solution!

James Lee, Student

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Good morning Mr Jimmy! I got my results back… and got a 77/100 for math!!

You’ve really helped me improve from barely 33% to an A1.

Thank you so much!

Lera, Student

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Hi cher, I did very well for my English! I got an A2!  Overall my other subjects did well too.  Best part is… I can get into all my dream courses!  Thank you for all your coaching!

Deidre , Student

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1. Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, but only for the first lesson as our spaces are very limited.

Scroll back to to click on the ‘Claim Your Free Trial Now’ button to register for our Free Trial Class PLUS Consultation.

2. How do I pay the fees?

Fees are auto-charged monthly via credit card. The renewal date is the 23rd of each month.

Fees are fixed monthly regardless of the number of lessons in a month. There are no discounts for taking multiple subjects or siblings’ discounts.

If a lesson falls on a public holiday, there will not be any lesson but the materials will be provided.

3. How do I cancel the subscription?

You can log in to our Parent Portal to cancel your subscription anytime. Your credit card will not be charged anymore after you cancelled.

There will not be any refunds for fees paid after the renewal date (23rd of each month).

4. If we miss the lessons, can we do a make-up or watch the recording? Are the Zoom lessons recorded?

Yes, all the Zoom lessons are recorded and you will have access to the recordings.

If you miss a lesson, you can do a make-up within the same weekend (E.g – miss on Friday, make up on Saturday).

You will have access to the Zoom links of all the other classes for make up lessons once you sign up.

If you can’t attend any of the classes, you can still watch the recordings.

Fees will not be prorated.

5. What is your class size?

We can accept up to 20+ students per class in our online lessons.

6. Your class is huge! How can you teach such a big class?

Our classes are big because our teaching methods are popular and effective.

The results from our past students have proven that the class size has little impact on the results.

In fact, students in our bigger classes outperformed students in our smaller classes.

It is the teacher’s ability and quality of the materials which matter.

7. How are these live online Zoom classes different from Writing Samurai, Jimmy Maths and Science Shifu's online courses?

The Grade Solution lessons are LIVE while the online courses at Writing Samurai, Jimmy Maths, and Shifu are pre-recorded. In our live classes, your child can ask the tutor questions and have them clarified on the spot. The content of the live classes and the pre-recorded courses are largely the same.

8. How do I register for the classes?

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If you have forgotten your password, click on “forget password” to reset your password.

10. I do not have a credit card. Can I choose to pay the fees monthly instead of auto-charged via credit card?

Sorry, for online lessons, fees are collected online via credit card and auto charged. This is to make sure parents can access the Zoom links and worksheets in the Parent Portal before the start of the lessons. You can also cancel the auto-charge anytime if you do not wish to continue the lessons.

11. Do you have physical classes?

Sorry, all our lessons are held online on Zoom as our student numbers have grown too large to be accommodated in physical classrooms.