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O-Level Intensive Holiday Programme

What if you could change Your Child’s mindset in a few days?

If your child is still struggling to get the breakthrough that he or she deserves…

Then as a parent, you may want to provide your child with the opportunity to…

  • Get his brain into EXAM MODE
  • Clear up all her misconceptions
  • Reduce all his careless mistakes by 80%
  • See improved confidence and results in a short period of time
  • Learn how to salvage up to 15 marks by avoiding common mistakes

In our highly-popular 3-days O-Level Intensive Course held before the O-Levels…

Your child will learn all the exam-smart techniques that he or she can apply immediately to see fast improvements!

O level intensive course

Do you want YOUR CHILD to be one of those “miracle” academic success stories?


You’ve read our blog posts, downloaded our free materials, and received our best exam tips.

Some of you are probably enrolled in our online courses…

So you know how we teach.

You’ve also read about our successful case studies.

And you’ve seen all our parents’ and students’ testimonials.

What we cover in the O-Level Intensive Course is not some motivational, feel-good rah-rah…

But logical, actionable strategies and techniques that your child apply immediately…

To see a jump in his or her marks.

As you are deciding whether to sign up for our holiday programmes…

Ask yourself this…

  • How much difference would it make if your child could salvage just 10-15 marks more?
  • How would your child’s confidence be boosted when he or she sees some improvements?
  • How would your child’s future be like… if he or she manages to get into a good school and mix with the right crowd?

In our O-Level Intensive Course,  we aim to fulfil all the above scenarios and steer your child towards a brighter future.


What’s Our Approach?

For Our O-Level Intensive Course, We focus on the problem areas.

For Additional Maths, the focus is on CONCEPTS.

We will cover:

Understanding of Must-Know Concepts (More than 100 pages of curated notes will be provided)

Targeted Practice of Each Concept

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Linking of Keywords to the Right Concept

Exam skills and answering techniques


Lesson Outline:

Day 1: Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, Surds, Polynomials, Logarithms, Binomial

Day 2: Coordinate Geometry, Equations of Circles, Linear Law, Trigonometry

Day 3: Differentiation, Integration, Plane Geometry

A Math

O-Level Intensive Course

October Holidays 2023


Conducted Live & Online via Zoom

(This is a 3-Days Course)

Additional Maths

Dates: 10, 11, 13 October 2023 (10am – 3pm)

Lunch Break: 12pm – 1pm

Taught by Ms Claudia Toh

having online lesson.Asian children self study with e-learning at home. Online education and self study and homeschooling concept.


Additional Maths – $397 ONLY (Usual $600)

* Prices include 8% GST.

No Deposit and Registration Fees!

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Limited Spaces Left!

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1. Is this an online class or physical class?

This is an online class, conducted live via Zoom.
Parents can learn together with their children.
Our online classrooms have a chat room that your child can ask questions.
Notes and worksheets can be downloaded.
You can email us your child’s completed assignments for marking and review.
If your child misses the lesson, we will email you the replay.

What Your Child Needs:

– Stable Internet Connection
– PC, Tablet or Phone
– Stationery and Foolscap Paper

2. What happens after I have made payment?

After payment, an email receipt will be sent to your inbox. Your registration is confirmed.

You can access the Zoom links and Worksheets after you log in to your account.

3. But my child has CCA and remedial classes that clashes with your schedule! What can I do?

Due to the popularity of our classes, we do not pro-rate fees anymore. We strongly encourage your child to come for all three days.

If your child misses the lessons, your child can watch the replays after class.

4. Is lunch or dinner provided?

Sorry, they are not provided.

5. What is your class size?

We may accept up to 20 students in our online lessons.

For other enquiries, contact us @ 8495 1120

Our Teacher

Ms Claudia Toh

E Maths and A Maths Specialist
Ex-MOE Teacher, NIE Trained

What Others Have to Say

Good morning!

So far, my A Maths results have improved from a C5/C6 from last year to an A1 for both TA1 (25/30) and TA2 (23/30) this year, with both papers of O-level standard (according to my teacher).

Tan Yong Neng

Thanks to Mr Jimmy and the Team! My child managed to improve his A Maths from F9 to A1 for the O-Level! A Maths was a subject which my son struggled with and I am so happy that he was able to achieve such results. My son enjoyed the lessons and could understand the methods taught. The notes were very useful too!

Parent of Aiden Tan

Registration is Opened Now!


Limited Spaces Left!

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