Give Your Child a Head-Start for P1 to P3 Math Next Year!

Is Your Child Struggling with any of the Challenges Below?

- Lack Proper Understanding of Math Concepts

- Unable to Focus and Pay Atttention

- Losing Interest in Math

- Requires Repeated Teaching or Instructions

- Makes Lots of Careless Mistakes

- Unable to Spot Patterns, Relationships and Arrange His Thoughts in Order

Sounds Familiar?

Wait a minute!

"My Child Can Add, Subtract, and knows the Times-Table at his Finger-Tips. He should do well in Primary School Math!"

This is a wrong assumption which most parents have.

This problem happens when many children learn Math by rote-learning and memorisation. 

They can memorise the time table fast and do basic computation at blazing speed. 

But when it comes to non-routine questions and problem sums, they start to struggle.

They do not fully understand Math concepts and lack the essential problem-solving skills. 

But This Problem Can be Solved Easily if You Start Your Child in the Right Direction! 

This Dec Holidays, we will be conducting a 2 days workshop to prepare your child for P1 to P3 Math next year! 

In this workshop, your child will: 

1. Learn a holistic Math curriculum which develops a deep understanding of Math concepts, which are 100% alighed with MOE primary Math syllabus.

2. Experience an engaging classroom experience with colourful worksheets and fun hands-on activities which will encourage logical and creative thinking, and boost interest in Math.  

3. Develop essential problem-solving skills from our mastery worksheets, which are in increasing difficulty and crafted by a team of ex-school teachers and tutors.

And Many More....

p1 to p3 math

What's Our Approach?

- Each child is given a set of worksheets which is suitable for your child's level (P1 to P3).

- Each child works independently at his own pace, and proceeds to the next worksheet of higher diffculty after finishing.

- There will be a facilitator who will coach (not spoon-feed) your child when your child has any difficulties.

- There will be a fun activity or puzzle at the end of each workshop, which will allow your child to tinker with Math concepts and have fun at the same time.

- Towards the end of the workshop, your child is required to solve some Math puzzles which will give clues to open a treasure box with attractive prizes to be won!


We will be holding a sharing session with parents on the last day of the course  

Duration: 30 minutes  

We will be covering ...  

- a Summary of the key points for the Workshop  

- Our Teaching Methods for Breakthough Results 

- QnA session

p5 tuition
Sec 1 Math tuition


Suitable for 2020 P1 to P3 Students Only

Run 1 @ Clementi Branch (5 Spaces Left!)

Dates: 4, 5 Dec 19 (Wed, Thur)

Time: 1pm - 3pm 


Our Locations 

Clementi Branch

Blk 450 Clementi Ave 3 #02-279 S(120450)

We are right beside Clementi MRT. Exit by exit D and you will see Kangyu Medical Hall. Walk behind the shop and you will find the stairs leading to our centre.  


Limited Spaces Left! 


$128.40 ONLY (Usual $160.50)

*Prices include 7% GST.

No registration fees or deposits!

Sign up using One of the red buttons below!


1. "What happens after I have made payment?"

After paying, an email receipt will be sent to your inbox. Kindly wait for our confirmation email. 

2. "I do not have Paypal. Can I pay by other methods?"

Yes. After you click on the Sign Up button, you will be redirected to a Paypal page. Click 'Pay with Credit or Debit Card' to pay directly using your credit card. 

3. "Are the P1 to P3 students inside the same class? How big is the class size?"

Yes, P1 to P3 students are together in the same class. Each child will be given worksheets suitable to his level and works at his own pace. This will promote independent learning and improves focus and concentration. There will be 1 coach for a class of max 14 students.  

4. "I've signed up for the workshop but I just found out that my child cannot attend. Can I get a refund or can you pro-rate my fees?" 

Sorry. Once you've signed up, we will close your space to public, and reject students when the classes are full. Again, we don't entertain refunds or pro-rating of fees.

For other enquiries you can contact us at 6280 6841 or 9832 0940.

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You Must Take Action Now!

Let Us Guide Your Child Along this Learning Journey

Limited Spaces Left! 


$128.40 ONLY (Usual $160.50)  

*Prices include 7% GST.  

No registration fees or deposits!  

Sign up using One of the red buttons below!