Holiday Programmes

You will soon find out these answers, whether you like it or not…in just a FEW MONTHS time….

What if you could…

Dramatically Change YOUR CHILD’s mindset in a few days?

– Get his or her brain into EXAM MODE
– Clear up all her misconceptions
– Reduce all his careless mistakes by 80%
– Learn Exam-Smart Techniques to apply immediately
– See improved confidence and results in a short period of time.

Don’t you want YOUR CHILD to be one of those “miracle”, academic success stories?

We will be organising our PSLE Intensive Holiday Courses again this holidays.

(… and just to let you know, our March, June and September holiday courses in 2019 were completely SOLD OUT …)

We are now opening our Holiday Courses for enrollment … With an EARLY BIRD OFFER that you don’t want to miss! (Seriously! Don’t miss it!)

You’ve read our blog posts, downloaded our free materials, and received our best exam tips. Some of you all are probably enrolled in our online courses. You know how we teach.

So as you read this… We want to remind you that we totally mean what we say:

We cannot allow YOUR CHILD to carry on her ineffective revision methods…

We cannot allow YOUR CHILD to feel ashamed by his lousy marks while all his peers around him celebrate their results.

We cannot allow YOUR CHILD to set path on a MEDIOCRE FUTURE that does not remotely reflect his or her utmost potential!

We just cannot let that happen. And I’m sure, that as a concerned parent… You CANNOT let that happen too!

Your child is at the cross-roads of his future. You can play a part by shifting him in the right direction.

I am looking forward to see you and your child soon 🙂

Sincerely Yours,

Jerry Lee (English and Creative Writing), Jimmy Ling ( The Math Problem Sums Guru) & Andy Ling (Science)
Grade Solution Learning Centre

What’s Our Approach?

For Our PSLE Intensive Holiday Courses, We focus on the problem areas.

For English, this includes

  • Composition Writing
  • Comprehension Open-Ended
  • Comprehension Cloze
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • Grammar
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid them
  • A review of your child’s strengths and weaknesses (New!)

For Science, this includes

  • ReCall : Mindmaps, Key Concepts
  • Review: Commonly Tested Questions
  • Realign: Common Misconceptions
  • Re-apply: Answering Techniques , Practice
  • A review of your child’s strength and weaknesses (New!)

For Math, the focus is on PROBLEM SUMS.

And this is what we will train your child in…

  • Understanding of Concepts
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid them
  • Must-Know Problem Sums Concepts
  • Exam skills and answering techniques
  • A review of your child’s strengths and weaknesses (New!)

PSLE Intensive Course


December Holiday 2020


Conducted Live Online via Zoom


Dates: 7, 8, 9 Dec 2020 (10am to 3pm)

Lunch Break: 12pm – 1pm

Taught by Mr Jerry Lee


Dates: 7, 8, 9 Dec 2020 (10am to 3pm)

Lunch Break: 12pm – 1pm

Taught by Mr Andy Ling


Dates: 7, 8, 9 Dec 2020 (4pm to 9pm)

Dinner Break: 6pm – 7pm

Taught by Mr Jimmy Ling


Limited Spaces Left!


English – $285.70 ONLY (Usual $392.70)
Math – $285.70 ONLY (Usual $392.70)
Science – $285.70 ONLY (Usual $392.70)

* Prices include 7% GST.

No Deposit and Registration Fees!

Registration is Open Now!


Limited Spaces Left!

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1. Is this an online class or physical class?

This is an online class, conducted live via Zoom.
Parents can learn together with their children.
Our online classrooms have a chat room that your child can ask questions.
Notes and worksheets can be downloaded.
You can email us your child’s completed assignments for marking and review.
If your child misses the lesson, we will email you the replay.

What Your Child Needs:

– Stable Internet Connection
– PC, Tablet or Phone
– Stationery and Foolscap Paper

2. What happens after I have made payment?

After payment, an email receipt will be sent to your inbox. Your registration is confirmed.

You can access the Zoom links and Worksheets after you log in to your account.

3. But my Child has CCA and remedial classes that clashes with your schedule! What can I do?

Due to the popularity of our classes, we do not pro-rate fees anymore. We strongly encourage your child to come for all three days.

4. I've signed up for the PSLE Intensive Course but I just found out that my child cannot attend. Can I get a refund or can you pro-rate my fees?

Sorry. Once you’ve signed up, we will close your space to the public, and reject students when the classes are full. Again, we don’t entertain refunds or pro-rating of fees.

5. Is lunch or dinner provided?

Sorry, they are not provided.

6. Can I choose both English and Science since they are happening at the same time?

Sorry, due to our limited schedule, you can only choose English or Math. If your child has attended English before, please go for Science instead.

7. What is your class size?

We can accept up to 60 students in our online lessons.

8. Your class is huge? How can you teach such a big class?

Our classes are big because our teaching methods are popular and effective.

The results from our past students have proven that the class size has little impact on the results.

In fact, students in our bigger classes outperformed students in our smaller classes.

It is the teacher’s ability and quality of the materials which matter.

For other enquiries, contact us below:

Bugis Branch: 6904 4022 or 8495 1120
Clementi Branch: 6280 6841 or 9832 0940
Kovan Branch: 6280 6841 or 9832 0940

Our Tutors

Andy Ling

Full-Time Science Tutor
Founder of

Dr Marcus Goh

Full-Time Science Tutor

Jerry Lee

Full-Time English Tutor
Founder of

Jimmy Ling

Full-Time Math Tutor
Founder of

Ms Joanne

Full-Time English Tutor
MOE Teacher

Ms Samantha Ng

Full-Time English Tutor

Ms Teo

Full-Time English Tutor
NIE Trained

Mr Koh

Full-Time Math Tutor

Mrs Ng

Full-Time Science Tutor

Ms Angelina Phillips

Full-Time English Tutor

Ms Eveline Lee

Full-Time Math Tutor

Ms Hazel Lee

Full-Time Math Tutor

Ms Joreen Teoh

Full-Time Math Tutor

Ms Lim

Full-Time English Tutor
NIE Trained

Ms Rina Leong

Full-Time Math Tutor

Ms Sharon

Full-Time English Tutor
NIE Trained

Ms Stephanie

Full-Time Math Tutor

Ms Cindy Yap

Full-Time Math Tutor
NIE Trained

What Others Have to Say

Hi Jimmy and Jerry, thank you for all your guidance for the past 1 year. Zhe Jun exceeded our expectations and got an A* for English. As for Math, he maintained an A. We are very thankful for the help and encouragement from both of you.

Parent of Zhe Jun

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Thanks to Jerry, Ms Phillips and team! Ester has obtained an A for her PSLE English. Thanks for making learning fun and enjoyable. She enjoyed every lesson and looked forward to attending every week. We were heartened to see her improvements over the months and she made it!

Parent of Ester

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