What is Edapt IQ?

Edapt IQ is a smart learning platform that our teachers and students at Grade Solution Learning Centre use for faster and more effective learning.  Due to overwhelming requests, we have decided to open Edapt IQ to students and parents who just want to use Edapt IQ without signing up for live classes.

With Edapt IQ, your child can:

  • Revise, practise, and study independently with thousands of PSLE/exam-based questions
  • Personalise his or her learning by getting insights on strengths and weaknesses
  • Achieve breakthrough improvements very quickly with this targeted approach

Think of Edapt IQ as a study companion for your child’s live classes.  With Edapt IQ, parents can be more hands-off and let their children take charge of their own practice and revision.

Your Child’s Learning Companion

Our exam-based questions are created and edited in-house by a team of ex-NIE curriculum writers.  Your child will have access to thousands of high-quality PSLE and exam-based questions with detailed explanations.

For Math, heuristics-based challenging problem sums are included.  Common exam questions (that many students struggle with) will also be tested.

For English, our questions focus on all the must-know grammar rules and synthesis and transformation devices necessary for scoring well for all the Paper 1 and 2 segments.  We also include vocab-building questions for your child to learn new words or good phrases (idioms, metaphors, proverbs, etc) every day.

For Science, our questions work on clearing misconceptions and teaching students how to avoid common mistakes.  We also work on honing analytical and critical thinking skills.

EdaptIQ is for the following levels:

  • P3/P4 English and Creative Writing
  • P5/P6 English and Creative Writing
  • P5/P6 Science
  • P4, P5, P6, Sec 1 Math

Data Analytics for Progress Tracking

One of the biggest problems faced by parents and students is not having insight to the learner’s strengths and weaknesses.  With the Edapt IQ platform, getting clear feedback on your child’s performance has never been easier!

  • Clear visuals to track progress over time
  • Data collected and stored for every topic, subtopic, or question type.
  • Data analytics for identifying recurring errors, misconceptions, or learning gaps in your child

The more questions your child completes, the more data is collected to sift out your child’s knowledge gaps.  With this data insight, your child can focus on clearing misconceptions, correcting recurring errors, or focusing on his or her weak areas.  This process greatly speeds up the pace of improvements and gives your child the learning advantage that he or she deserves!


Let Your Child Take Charge of his or her Own Revision Now!

Revision has never been easier. All your child needs to do is simply…

1. Take the diagnostic test on EdaptIQ

2. Identify weak areas

3. Generate questions on the weaker topics

4. Practise and learn!

Set it, automate it, and let EdaptIQ turbocharge your child’s learning and revision.

Gone are the days of inefficient studying or doing random practices…

With EdaptIQ’s specific and customised roadmap for your child’s revision…

You will see breakthrough improvements in no time!

24/7 Homework Helper Service Included!

Once you sign up for the EdaptIQ Smart Learning Platform, you can contact our homework helper using Whatsapp if you are unclear about any explanation on EdaptIQ or simply ask us any homework-related questions! Yes, you can ask questions about your school work or self-practice as well. (We will reply within 24 hrs.)  Rest assured that we will always be on standby to support your child on this learning journey!

Enrollment is Opened!

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Once the offer date ends, we will NOT be accepting anymore enrollments to EdaptIQ.

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1. How do I cancel the subscription?

You can log in to our Parent Portal to cancel your subscription anytime.  You can also email us to let us know your decision to cancel. Your credit card will not be charged anymore after you cancelled.

There will not be any refunds for fees paid after the renewal date.

2. How do I pay the fees?

Fees will be auto-charged to your credit card every month until you cancel.

3. Can I sign up for Edapt IQ without signing up for your live classes?

Yes, you can sign up for Edapt IQ without our live classes, but only during this offer period.  Once this offer period is over, we won’t be accepting enrollments for EdaptIQ only. Click the ‘Sign Up’ button on this page and follow the instructions thereafter.

4. Will there be teacher to help my child if I cannot understand the explanations on EdaptIQ?

Don’t worry, our homework helper team will be on standby to answer any questions via Whatsapp.  Simply take a screenshot of the question and Whatsapp us the problems you are facing.  We will reply within 24hrs 🙂

5. Will there be a teacher who will mark my child’s work?

All our questions are auto-marked by the platform.

For Math problem sums, the answer options are provided. Your child has to solve the problem sum and choose the right answer option.

For English, all questions are in the MCQ format or with answer options provided.

6. Will heuristics be covered in the Math questions?

Yes, we cover Math heuristics in the questions. We have a mixture of easy questions and challenging problem sums which will test all the heuristics that your child needs to know. Through the data analytics, you will also be able to tell which heuristics your child is weak in.

7. What are your English questions like if they are all in the MCQ format?

Our English questions test on all the must-know grammar rules for MCQs, writing, synthesis and transformation.  Basically, your child needs to have a firm grasp of all these rules in order to score for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 segments.

We also include vocab-building questions to improve your child’s vocabulary and compo writing skills. (Idioms, metaphors, similes, and other forms of ‘good phrases’.)

8. Are there any lessons or videos on the platform?

Sorry, lessons and videos are not included in this package.

However, there are already very detailed explanations and solutions are provided at the end of each question. Plus, you can always contact the homework helper if you still have doubts about the questions.

For this package, we are keeping the costs low to pass the cost savings to you.

If you are looking for classes and lessons, you can enrol your child for our live online Zoom classes here: https://gradesolution.com.sg/online-zoom-classes/

On top of interactive live lessons, you can also get access to

  • Edapt IQ with no additional cost
  • Unlimited Homework Help (from our homework helper service)
  • Unlimited Marking Support (Creative Writing students can send in as many practice compositions as they want for marking.)
9. What if I sign up for EdaptIQ, make the payment, then decide to sign up for the weekly class?

We will pro-rate the fees for the live classes accordingly.  There will be no refunds.

What Others Have to Say

My son learns new vocabulary and practises his English grammar on Edapt IQ every day! His teacher recently praised his composition and read it out in from of the class!

Ms Linda, Parent

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I am impressed by the detailed explanations on Edapt IQ! I save a lot of time explaining the meaning of words and math solutions to my daughter. The Grade Solution team has done a good job on this!

Ms Irene, Parent

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