I don't understand what my
lecturer is talking about !

I am getting all my math
problem sums wrong!

I screwed up my math test!


Do you stay near Hougang, Kovan, Punggol, Serangoon or Seng Kang?

If you do... Thank god!

You've come to the right page.

But before we go on further, let me introduce myself.

I am Jimmy Ling, the Math Tutor and Director of Intellicat Tuition School.

It's a centre that tutors students all the way till Junior College Level.

I also teach at a local polytechnic.

If you want to see my photo or testimonials, you can scroll down this page later.

( My students all say I look like some korean guy from the show Running Man... but hey, that's not the point. )

I am sure this is on your mind:

How Can You Improve your JC Math?

Don't worry.

This is what I am here for.

I am here to help you ace that Math exam.

I am here so that you will never see the letter 'U' appear in your report book!

I am here to help you clear your prelims.

I am here to help you POWER through your A-levels.


Why Choose Me?

I spent my first 3 months in Anderson Junior College before hopping over to National Junior College.

I understand the tremendous stress that you are feeling right now.

Long boring lectures...
Long boring tutorials...
Endless homework...
Endless projects...
Complicated Math concepts...
Complicated Math questions...

So much work...
Condensed within a space of 2 years...

And all those tests and quizzes!

Why must they be so demoralisingly difficult?!?!

I have survived my crazy Junior College years.

I lived to tell the tale.

And this is my advice:


Don't waste time.

If you think you can relax first, then 'chiong' later when exam approaches...

...You are dead wrong.

I have coached several students to success.

From 'Ungraded' to C.

From C to A.

From B to A

All these are not miracles.

Then how did they do it?

They attended my lessons and asked questions.

They cleared all doubts and misconceptions.

They followed my problem-solving methods.

They practised the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

They developed the RIGHT MINDSET.

And most importantly... 

They all seeked help early.

You can take charge of your own future too.

You can seek help and change your destiny now!

Here is the schedule for our JC H2 Math Classes:

JC H2 Math Classes

  • Wednesday, 7.30pm - 9.30pm (2 Spaces left!)
  • If these schedules don't suit you, feel free to call us at 6280 6841 
  • or SMS 9753 9016.

Your Personal Mentor

Jimmy Ling 

Math Tutor
Degree in Mathematics

10+ years Experience
Co-Author of the "10 Step Study Formula"
- Graduated from NUS with Degree in Mathematics
- Specialises in JC Math
- Current Math Teacher at a local polytechnic


What Others Have to Say

Here are some testimonials from my students.

Don't leave your A-Levels to chance!

Do you want to enter the university course of your dreams? 
If you do, take action now!
Join the other JC students who are learning with Mr Jimmy
at Intellicat Tuition School!

Register now before it is too late!
*additional $30 registration fee, no deposit.
* Price quoted is based on 4 lessons.
 Additional charges on a pro-rated basis will be incurred if the month has 5 lessons or more.

Sign Up
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JC H2 Math


  • Price is for 4 lessons (per subject)
  • 2 Hrs per Lesson
  • Limited Vacancies!


No Suitable Timing?

Do call us at 6280 6841 or SMS 9753 9016 to indicate interest.  You can also email us at

We will open new classes if we garnered enough interest!


What Happens After I have Paid?

After paying, an email receipt will be sent to your inbox.  Do email us back at, stating:

- Which subject/s have you signed your child up for?
- Which schedule did you choose?
- Name of your child

Do call us at 6280 6841 or SMS 9753 9016 to check the number of vacancies left.

See you soon!